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Is 18:9 Display Better Than Traditional 16:9 display in Smartphones?

In this new era of technology, all the latest flagship phones trends to come with 18:9 display. Those who don't know about this , well this type of display tends to be slightly longer in height and narrow in width.

Suppose you have Redmi Note 4 , it uses traditional 16:9 display. Now consider the new Redmi Note 5 or Note 5 pro. You can compare those two phones display . Note 5 trend to be slightly longer in height and narrower in width not because it boasts a larger display, it uses 18:9 ratio .

For example,
18:9 vs 16:9 display
18:9  vs  16:9 Display
Both this model phone have same size of 6.1 inch diagonal display but the left side is 18:9 ratio and right is traditional 16:9 display.  Now you can clearly differentiate between those two types of display.

Now its about the advantages and disadvantages of those display ratio:

As we all know, every thing have its own advantages and  disadvantages also.
18:9 ratio display is a newer technology and available mostly on premium flagship phones though some mid range phones now offering 18:9 display just like Micromax infinity , Xiaomi Redmi note 5 etc. Because of its lower width its feel very comfortable upon holding in hand and it gives more space for multi tasking. As its tends to be more taller there some difficulties in single hand use. Though its highly depend on personal preferences and of course on bezel size. A 4.5 inch 16:9 display with huge bezels on four side cant be better than a 5.5 inch 18:9 display bezel less or slim bezels phone.

As i say before, both the display are best in its category. But for you It solely depends on ones personal taste and preference.